Our cGMP Manufacturing Facility

At 100,000 sf, our cGMP manufacturing facility is one of the largest and most capable in south Florida

NSF cGMP Manufacturing Facility

Our brand new, state of the art cGMP facility opened in August of 2014. We worked with a premier architect and design firm to bring pharmaceutical level quality to the nutraceutical industry. With 100,000 sf, extensive in-house testing capabilities, large capacity blenders, tablet and encapsulation machines, and high-speed packaging lines, Florida Supplement is poised to meet your every quality need.



Florida Supplement High Quality Sealed Floors

Never Sacrifice Quality

We take this statement to heart. Quality is our number one concern. Throughout our entire manufacturing and packaging areas, we installed clean, engineered sealed flooring that far exceeds cGMP requirements.

Pharmaceutical Improvements

As part of our site-wide cGMP initiative, we installed air-lock areas to separate cGMP and non-cGMP areas. These air-locks are present at every entry point to the cGMP area, and we even have special automatic doors to allow the transportation of large quantities of material to and from our cGMP area while still passing through an air-lock.

Florida Supplement cGMP Airlock Doors
Top-of-the-line equipment

High-tech and High-speed

Top-of-the-line equipment adorns our packaging lines to allow for efficient, high-speed packaging and product flow. As part of our continuous improvement initiative, we are always looking for ways to improve the efficiency of our lines in order to better serve you, our customers.